Check out my Wheels...

Yesterday Jeremy was able to capture these few rare moments with our kids. I love when they can take simple things and turn them into something entertaining. It is so nice to see them play together without fighting.


Pine Wood Derby

Last night was Pine Wood Derby for Scouts at church. The Scout leaders make it very official with a wood track, judges, no more than 5oz. cars, double elimination, just to name a few. Dimitri's car took 2nd place in every round. But did not qualify to race in the final 3. We had a good time watching the races and loved all the hard work the boys(parents) put into some of the cars. He was awarded for Most Realistic Car. You can find last years post here.



We were invited to the Martins, along with the Sautter family and Asay family for Easter pot-luck lunch & Egg Hunt following the morning session of General Conference. The weather was beautiful, the food was yummy, and the kids all played wonderfully together.

The kids before we let them loose outside.
Here's all the kids after the Egg Hunt.
Jackie, Aiden, Dimitri, Elaine, Emma, Lili, Kailee, Stella, Margie, Londynn
Emma who found the GOLDEN egg, filled with a special Cadbury egg.
I was in charge of desserts for the pot-luck. So these are the fun nests I made each of the kids. I prepared the rice Krispie bowls the night before. Then, had Jeremy assemble them for me. Sorry I forgot to get pictures of them before I packaged them all up.
These are the desserts I made for all the adults. They were super easy to make and tasted amazing. Sorry again no pictures before...these were the extras. But of course before the day ended they both got eaten.



Today we took the kids to the annual Easter Egg-Stravaganza at the COP church. It has become the family tradition the past 3 years. They have more than 100,000 eggs, face-painting, train rides, bounce houses and other youth activities. It's the largest egg hunt in the state. This has become a family favorite (see here and here).
Londynn before the EGG Hunt
The kids after the EGG Hunt...sorry squinting from the sun. Dimitri holding his "GOLDEN" egg he found. Dimitri with his basket he won from the golden egg. He was so excited he finally won...after 3 years. I couldn't believe all the fun things packed into that basket.


Today was Londynn's class Easter Party/Teacher baby Shower. We celebrated the baby shower with everything "PINK". We celebrated with ice cream punch and cupcakes. The kids especially loved the special glass dishes they got to use.Londynn after the egg hunt, which we had to do in the classroom because it rained the night before.

Londynn with her cute teacher Mrs. Blevins. Londynn is 2-2 with getting teachers who are having their first baby.
The class made the baby a special quilt with pictures they all colored. Then one of the mom's put it all together with each of their names on it. It turned out so cute!


1st EGG Hunt 2010

We took the kids + our neighbor Ashley and her daughter Asayla to an "EGG" Hunt down the street put on by Discovery Kids. It was blowing really hard, which left everyone a bit cold while we waited for the "Hunt" to begin. Our neighbor ran into some friends, so we have a few extra girls in the picture.


Six Flags over Texas ~ Spring Break 2010

Yesterday we took the kids to Six Flags over Texas for Spring Break. We set off at 6am for the almost 4 hour drive to Arlington, Texas. For the admission price, we decided to buy Season Tickets, since we plan to make Texas our new home at the end of this summer. Plus, this includes the use of all Six Flags parks everywhere. The weather was perfect!

Being that it was Spring Break the park was crowded. So all the big rides we had to wait in long lines, most were about 3 hours. So Kailee & Dimitri were not very happy! We stayed until the park closed at 10pm. We got in about 2am Saturday morning, just before the snow storm hit here in Okieland. Here are some pics from our day in Texas.