EGG-Stravaganza 2009

Today we took the kids to the annual Easter EggStravaganza at the Cathedral church. With more than 100,000 eggs, face-painting, train rides, bounce houses and other youth activities. it's the largest egg hunt in the state. This has become a family favorite (see last years post here).

Everyone waiting on the side lines of one of the age groups before they blow the horn

The hunt is on....

Dimitri holding one of the metallic prize eggs he found. Look at the grin! You can turn the prize eggs in for baskets filled with lots of goodies. He was sooo excited that he found one, the girls were not so lucky. But when we went to turn his in they told us we needed a prize paper from the egg. We found out later that some of the kids they had helping them set-up for the day had been changing the eggs around.

We still had a wonderful time shared with the Olsens and Sautters.

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daiseymae said...

I have to say I have never taken my kids to a public egg hunt. Although they want to they never want to bad enought to get up thet early on a Saturday.

From the looks of it. maybe I shouold make them get up. they would love it.