EGG-Stravaganza 2008

Today we took the kids to this Easter Egg Hunt put on by a local church. Let me just tell you this was the place to be.

First, we began with registration for the prize giveaways and to get the kids wrist bands for the events.

Second, we crossed over the bridge of balloons.

Third, the kids got to enjoy the moonwalks, inflatable games, train rides, face painting and fingerprinting sponsored by State Farm.

Fourth, we all (meaning thousands) gathered around the stage for the egg hunt instructions. The Mayor of the city made the announcements for the H.U.N.T. Then the Easter Bunny arrived by helicopter. They didn't spare any cost for this event. Did I tell you that this was all FREE.

Last, we all went to the assigned age groups and waited for the horn by the Mayor. They had 70,000 eggs separated between the three age groups. The grass was a blanket of eggs with very little walking room. The kids had so much fun!!! They didn't really need to work very hard before their baskets were full.

And to finish things off, a complimentary lunch served immediately following the egg hunt. We enjoyed hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks. We will definitely be doing this event next year!

Here are the few pictures I was able to get of the kids today. Yes, you will see Londynn more. She was with me and I had the camera.

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Justin & Jennifer Olsen said...

It looks like everyone had lots of fun. We had every intention of making it to the egg hunt this morning, but somehow didn't. Happy Easter!