Six Flags over Texas ~ Spring Break 2010

Yesterday we took the kids to Six Flags over Texas for Spring Break. We set off at 6am for the almost 4 hour drive to Arlington, Texas. For the admission price, we decided to buy Season Tickets, since we plan to make Texas our new home at the end of this summer. Plus, this includes the use of all Six Flags parks everywhere. The weather was perfect!

Being that it was Spring Break the park was crowded. So all the big rides we had to wait in long lines, most were about 3 hours. So Kailee & Dimitri were not very happy! We stayed until the park closed at 10pm. We got in about 2am Saturday morning, just before the snow storm hit here in Okieland. Here are some pics from our day in Texas.

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brandi said...

Laurie I love that you have fianlly posted=-) I miss reading about all your crafty ideas and such! BTW..is the last picture of you or Kailee?? You two look SO MUCH ALIKE!!! Wish you all the best, and are waiting to hear word if you guys would like to come out for a visit sometime=-)