Twilight Party

On Friday night my friend Jenn threw a PARTY.

A TWILIGHT Party with Dinner, Games and a Twilight Showing.

Beautiful INVITATIONS were mailed, can order here.

Black, White, Red DECORATIONS were all in place.
Including all her family pictures replaced with Twilight photos for the night.
Which I missed so I could support my husband, blog post to follow.

Jenn, Virginia, Me, Christine, Lexie, Angela, Stephanie & Becca.

I arrived just in time to watch the movie. Jenn THANK YOU so much for a wonderful night! She even sent everyone home with fun goody bags with highlights from the series of books.

4 you stopped by, so say Hi!:

brandi said...

Laurie that looks soo fun! I loved reading the twilight series, but I was disappointed in the movie. I actually started to read them twice. Hopefully New Moon will be better. To me, they just didn't focus on the major events in the book, or the love story, it went through some of the important stuff too quickly. But hey, if it is an excuse to get all the ladies together, I am totally up for that! I hope all is well with you guys, and we hope you come to visit us soon!

Bilary said...

How fun! I thought the movie was okay - kinda cheesy, but what a fun excuse to get together with the girls! I'm glad you had fun, and your friend is way creative.

allbcuzwefellnluv said...

Hey that looks like fun...I haven't read any of the books nor seen the movie but its all the Rave! But this looked like fun!

Justin & Jennifer Olsen said...

It was a great party, sorry you missed all but the movie. Next time, tell Jeremy to plan stuff on his own time.