Phi Delta Phi

Just wanted to give everyone an academic update on Jeremy. I know that he doesn't always share his accomplishments, but he has done really well and I am proud of him.

First, Jeremy made the Dean's List for the fall 2008 semester. Because he ranked in the top quarter of his class for that semester.

Second, on Friday night Jeremy was Initiated into The International Legal Fraternity of
Phi Delta Phi.

The ceremony was held at the State Capitol Building in the House of Representatives.

* Sorry this last picture is so dark. For some reason our camera decided it no longer wanted to take good pictures. I tried every setting, to no avail. I was very sad that out of 30+ pictures, I only had 1 from the actual ceremony. Not a moment we wish to miss! I even had my friend Christine look at it to see if there was anything she coud do to make the picture better. She was able to make it a little bit lighter just so I had something I could post here for all of you to see.
I guess a new camera is next on the list to buy.
Third, he was selected to join the William J. Holloway, Jr., American Inn of Court CV.

The following is taken from the
American Inns of Court Web site. This is one of the best one-on-one ways to create professional networking relationships:

The American Inns of Court, America's oldest, largest and fastest growing legal mentoring organization is firmly rooted in the noble 800-year-old tradition of the Inns of Court in England.
For over twenty years, American Inns of Court have provided judges, lawyers, and law students an opportunity to participate actively in developing a deeper sense of professionalism, achieving higher levels of excellence and furthering the practice of law with dignity and integrity.
Regular local meetings of American Inns of Court provide a collegial atmosphere that encourages networking between all members, mentoring and skills development, and the exchange of concepts, ideas and techniques.

The goal of the American Inns of Court is to raise the standard of the legal profession. Outside the courtroom and formal training, veteran, seasoned professionals can share their wisdom and insight with less experienced practitioners, individually or in small groups. Focused on the development of skills, Inn programs provide creative, practical, interactive instruction in all areas of legal practice. By participating in these programs, member gain the double benefits of teaching as well as learning.

As a member of the American Inns of Court, you will join with local judges and lawyers dedicated to restoring the nobility and ideals of the legal profession in a hands-on, practical way-and you will be part of over 23,000 like minded professionals nationwide who proudly realize the rewards and benefits of membership and enjoy the support that a strong, national organization provides.

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allbcuzwefellnluv said...

So he's a Frat boy! Nice! That is really awesome! Everytime I talk to him, he never says anything other than, 'I doing OK, I'm just getting by' or something like that! But again that is awesome and really glad this is something that he likes and shows an interest in!!

Justin & Jennifer Olsen said...

CONGRATS!! We are very proud of all your hard work, both Jeremy and Laurie. It takes two (one at home and one at the office)!

daiseymae said...

Awesome! I'm glad to see things are going well for you guys.