Sixth Picture from the Sixth Album TAG

I was tagged by my friend Jenn to play along in this picture tag game. I had to play a little different since my sixth album only contained 4 pictures. So I went ahead and selected my favorite picture from the album. Really there would have been more, but our first hard drive broke. Which meant we lost every picture we had from our wonderful trip to Hawaii. But we were lucky to have gone with Bryan & Gina (Jeremy's brother) and stayed with Shannon (Jeremy's sister) who sent us backup pictures. I just have not had time to go through the 6 cd's containing all the pictures.

So here is the picture from the sixth album.

This is Jeremy & I in Hawaii two summers ago. We were lucky enough to go the summer before we moved here to Oklahoma. Yes, Jeremy's hair is bleach blonde and we were both very tan, with a little help, of course! I would love to have the opportunity to live in Hawaii someday. I can't wait to go back and visit!

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daiseymae said...

Beautiful photo. you ahould have that one framed and haing it in your home I love it.

Bilary said...

That picture is gorgeous. If it were practical, I too would live in Hawaii. I have never seen a more beautiful place.

I agree - you should frame that one.