River Parade

Last night we took the kids with our friends the Olsens, to see the Devon Energy River Parade. Which is a nighttime holiday parade concluding with a spectacular fireworks show. Followed by a special appearance by Santa and his reindeer.

We sat where some of the boats were docked before the event. So we were able to see some of the boats before the parade. We wanted to be there early because they said in previous years they had about 400,000 spectators. Not sure that there was that many last night. But it sure felt like it to get out of the parking lots when it ended. That was even when we tried to leave early to beat the traffic, plus we were all COLD. It did not help much!!!

Here are a few highlights from the night...

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Bilary said...

How fun! You are brave to fight those huge crowds. I avoid crowds that big like the plague, and my kids are deprived because of that. I love the last picture. But one of those kids is not like the others.;)