Holiday Greetings!

EDIT: sorry it has taken me so long to get these posted. Since all the family was in town for the holidays and my craft business was crazy busy. A few of my posts have had to wait until now. The last picture of the girls Jeremy insisted we buy. He loved that they were able to capture Londynn in this devious manner. Look at those eyes, her hands, she looks like she is trying to plan her next attack. She is a funny kid!!!

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allbcuzwefellnluv said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures!! My favorite is the close up of the girls!! **Got ur message** --I know, I feel like i haven't been on this thing in forever! As far as Gabbi's hair...its an untaimable beast...it has mind of its own..half straight, half curly...really?? Plus I thought i would be funny for the pictures!!

Amy O. said...

Laurie, love the pics. The kids look great...and getting so big. WOW!
Love the Orgill's

daiseymae said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the new pictures