Halloween @ school

I know I am slow at posting these pictures from Halloween. But I have just been too busy to feel like blogging lately.

Londynn was the only one allowed to wear a costume to school for Halloween. Most of the schools have a NO COSTUME policy, period. Which I can understand from the school's perspective.

Here are some cute bows that I made to go with her Halloween outfit that she wore the day before.
Her is Londynn trying her best to be a CAT. Even with the PB all over her face.

These are some cute personalized jars that I made for Londynn's cute, cute teachers. She had been telling me for weeks that she needed to bring her teacher some M&M's. Londynn would say, "the baby needs them". So I set off to make something a little bit better than a plain old bag of M&M's. Plus, the holiday gave me all the more reason to make something FUN. Come to find out there was a good reason why Londynn insisted on giving these M&M's to the teacher. She uses them as a reward system in her class. If the kids are not good, she gets to eat them.This is Londynn's darling teacher Mrs. Westfahl. She is expecting her first son in February. For her costume she made a shirt with rhinestones that said "Little Boo", then cut a pumpkin face out of black felt and attached it to her tummy. The kids are all very excited to see the new addition, they can hardly wait for him to arrive.

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mmlodge said...

These pictures are wonderful and Londynn looks so cute. Londynn is lucky to have a nice young teacher.

Laurie you are so gifted and we are looking forward to seeing all of you for Christmas.

Love Dad

daiseymae said...

She is so cute and you are so talented.

Did your kids have a fun Halloween?