All in a mornigs work...

Today I decided it had been long enough that my house cleaning had been neglected. So I set off to do some deep Fall cleaning.

I helped get kids off to school. With the help of Jeremy who helps get Kailee up every morning so I can sleep just a little bit longer.

I straightened beds and picked up bedroom floors.

I vacuumed ceilings, walls, crown moldings, ceiling registers, doors, door moldings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, bedrooms, the hallway and living room.

I wiped down decorations, fireplace moldings, display table, end table, TVs, entertainment center and dressers. I really hate dusting, it never seems to be much more than a dusty mess again later. I like to just take a clean damp rag and wipe down all the surfaces in my house.

I cleaned toilets, sinks, counters, mirrors, showers, tiles and carpet. Yes, I have some carpet in my guest bathroom by the sink. In my home it would never be an option to have carpet in a bathroom or a kitchen. That is just plain WRONG!!! But when you rent "you take what you get, and you don't throw a fit", as my kids would say.I started making fun holiday decals to go on the hand soap bottles in each of the bathrooms. We had a spider, a witch and a haunted house last month. TOO CUTE!!!I hand washed the windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures and mini blinds.

I steam mopped the kitchen floor with my favorite new cleaning tool. I recently purchased a Shark Steam Mop for my birthday. I hate mops and swiffers!!! They never can do as good of a job as me on my hands and knee's. Oh, how I wish I had this in my last house!!! It would have come in handy with all the wood floors. I really do miss all the space this home provided! Some day soon!!!

I took down the Halloween decor and replaced it with all the Thanksgiving.

I finished the last two loads of laundry.

Now, I am off to organize ribbon, cut ribbon (lots of ribbon), make ribbon headbands, ribbon flowers, 12 sets of boutique bows, make a hair clip frame, label my hair organizer (with my new vinyl labels), and maybe some jars too. We are having a Bow Swap in my ward on Saturday that I will be teaching. So I figured it would be best to have all my bows complete, so I can help others. Hence: the 12 sets of boutique bows mentioned above. I will post pictures later on the bow results.

What cleaning fairy switched places with me last night while I slept!

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Justin & Jennifer Olsen said...

Since, you're on a roll, stop by my house!!!!

lexie said...

Can I be next? I cleaned really well this week too, but not that good! DO you like your shark mop? I never feel like my floors get clean enough either!

Anonymous said...

Didn't your lovely husband buy that shark for your birthday???

Johnston Journal said...

That fairy needs to switch places with me please! I am in desperate need of cleaning. I'm glad you told me about the shark. i wouldn't buy one because it looks like the swiffer, which I hate. Thanks for the ad!

daiseymae said...

OH BOY! That is what I'm in for today. I love a clean house but I don't especially love what it takes to get there.