Dimitri's 8th Birthday

Last Saturday we had a friend birthday party for D. He had planned on 13 friends, 8 boys & 5 girls. He decided that the theme would be Star Wars, of course.

First, he started to pass out invites at school, but was told NO. Second, at this point it would be too late to mail the invites. Third, mom had to spend one night driving D around to hand deliver ALL 12 invites, minus 1. We had 1 that couldn't be included on the account of address default.

So this left mom to plan for thirteen 8 year old kids running around my house for an 1.5 hours. CRAZY, I know! But due to the school having fall break this same weekend. He managed to have 4 boys & 2 girls. Which was plenty for me!!!

Here is a picture of the group after D opened presents.

Yeah for money! That look on his face just makes me laugh every time I see it. I didn't have many of the pictures that didn't look crazy. The kids were always making faces or piled on top of each other. But Evelyn, the cute girl in this picture, she is one of 12 children in her family. She was a cute, cute, girl. She had no problem fitting in with this batch of crazy boys. Evelyn was almost always chasing D or tackling him. I think she likes him! The party was fun and everyone had a good time.

Yoda says: Stong, Clever and Brave you are FOR ONE SO STRONG...A Jedi Knight in Disguise surely you must be. May the force be with you on your birthday. Happy Birthday D, we love you!

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Bilary said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Looks like a blast. You are a brave mom to have that many kids over for a party. I'm glad he enjoyed his birthday. You're awesome, Laurie!

Grand Pa Lodge said...

It Looks like Dimitri had a great party with his friends. I saw this a couple of days ago, but did not have time to put in a comment!

Love Dad