Calendar Note To: Family and Friends

Dimitri turned 8 today and you know what that means! We get two celebrations;

1st~his birthday

2nd~his baptism

Which means he will officially become a member of the

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

His baptism celebration will be on Saturday December 27th, more information to follow, please call or email us for further instructions.


He has been very excited for his birthday to come, "I have this many more days until..." is all we have been hearing for the past month. Who cares if dear ol' moms birthday is a day before his. He is just happy that his birthday is finally here. He is also so excited to finally be in scouts! Which means he gets more of mom. Since I am the new Cubmaster in our ward.

We would hate for any of you to miss this fabulous day. This is our out-of-state families advanced notice. Absolutely NO excuses from anyone! It is either a YES or NO.

It's as SIMPLE as that!!!

We would LOVE to have/see everyone!!!

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daiseymae said...

Happy birthday to you! Sorry I missed that one. I never have known the exact day. Just that it is the day before Dimitri's. Sorry that's really no excuse, I could ahve called Jeremy.

Did you have a good day anyway? I hope you got to do something fun.I wish we could have done lunch or something. I miss being able to spend time with you.

Here's to hoping you guys move back here when school is done.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone have a great Birthday weekend
thank you again for the Card it was funny...