I'M ALIVE... I know where have a been...RIGHT!!! JUST LIFE

Sorry, I am just now getting around to posting this little bit of relief in my already very "small budget". The pictures have been in my phone just waiting to be downloaded to the computer. Not the best pictures in the world, but not bad for a cell phone!

I thought I would never see this day again! I wanted to mark this day we hit under $3 a gallon. This was just last weeks prices...$2.99

But then I noticed this today...

$2.69, YEAH!!! We can only hope (dream) that it will keep falling at this rate. Maybe the cost of food will start coming down too.

I pray that the prices will stay down!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope the prices stay down also. I saw an AmPm with unleaded listed for $3.359 today on my way into work. Hope that costs stay down so that the Christmas trip won't cost so much.

Love Dad

lexie said...

I agree! These prices are killer! I am now going to become a coupon mom so I can try to save more money! Wish me luck.

Justin & Jennifer Olsen said...

Did you see gas went down again to $2.59? Woohoo!!!

krystal jolley said...

Yay you're alive! Happy Birthday! And yay for gas being so low!