One Word Tag

These days anything easy like a TAG to meet the demands of "Blog Life".

Consider yourself tagged!

1. Where is your cell phone? bed

2. Significant other? Jeremy

3. Worst bad habit? yelling

4. Hair? short

5. Favorite food? chocolate

6. Your favorite thing? crafts

7. Your dream last night? N/A

8. Favorite drink? water

9. Dream/goal? travel

10. Room you are in? bedroom

11. Your ex? N/A

12. Your fear? falling

13. Where do you want to be in six years? content

14. Where were you last night? home

15. What you're not? laid back

16. Muffins? cinnamon rolls

17. Wish list item? vacation

18. Where did you grow up? California

19. Last thing you did? vinyl

20. What are you wearing? shorts

21. Your TV? cartoons

22. Your pets? N/A

23. Your computer? working

24. Your life? content

25. Your mood? shifting

26. Missing someone? friends (Utah)

27. Your car? Tahoe

28. Something you are not wearing? shoes

29. Favorite store? walmart

30. Your summer? HOT!!!

31. Love someone? many

32. Last time you laughed? earlier

33. Last time you cried? N/A

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Blackeyedsue said...



Laurie said...

I know what was I thinking!

I have a before...

Locks of Love picture (10"-WHAT)

but no after shots.

I had good intentions to make a blog post. But I really haven't felt like I wanted my picture taken. Lets just say too many lazy hair days. I will try to post it soon.

Blackeyedsue said...

Well, get cracking! It was super long before you left. With as fast as your family's hair grows, I wouldn't be surprised if it was to your bottom! What kind of a cut do you have now?

Bilary said...

That was fun. I may have to copy later today if I have time -AAAGGGHHHH! These kids make me nuts!

I want to see a picture of your new hair as well!

Are you coming to Utah to visit any time soon? We are all missing you too!!!

Blackeyedsue said...

I was thinking...when do we get a home tour?

daiseymae said...

I can't believe I talked to you on the phone several times this week and you never told me you cut your hair. I need pictures!

I've never seen it short before. What inspired this change?

P.s. I would love to cut mine agaain right after girls camp. that's really the only thing that is keeping it longer right now. Well that and the up keep, my hair grows too fast when it's short. I have to cut it about every three weeks.ugh.