The Bandits

We have a family membership to the YMCA. Which means we are able to get all the sports or activities through the YMCA for FREE or discounted. I LOVE that!!! It is nice to see that they try and make an effort to save you some money. They also provide uniforms with reversible shirts so you can use them for other sports. I think it is wonderful that they are a kid friendly and family based organization.

The last couple of months Dimitri has been playing basketball through the YMCA, which he loves! Last week was his last game for the season. Here is a picture of him with his team. He had 7 boys and 1 girl on his team. And that one girl was "Oh so SPUNKY", she was a fantastic team player. We had the best team out of the bunch!!! And I'm not just saying that because it was our team.

Our team showed up for every practice and every game. With all the other teams, we were lucky to have enough players. Sometimes they would take from our team just so the teams could play.

It was a lot of fun watching each of them learn the sport. Dimitri picked up the sport really fast. His strong point was scoring for the team. He would always make several shots in every game. GO BANDITS!!!

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daiseymae said...

That's great!

I'm gald your able to keep your kids doing fun activities through all you are going through. I wish I would have been better at that when Mike was at school.

You are a great Mom. I miss having you around.

lex said...

I am glad that dimitri liked playing basketball. What is next on the sports agenda?
I like both of their hair cuts. Dimitri's makes me laugh!

Bilary said...

How fun for your kids to get involved like that. Dimitri is such a good kid. We all miss him lots. (We miss you all!)