Bedtime Rituals

Bedtime in our home has always been a struggle, now that the kids have gotten older.
It is a constant battle to keep them in bed once we have had family prayer together.

They complain about the time they go to bed.

They forget to go to the bathroom.

They forget to brush their teeth.

They forget to get a drink of water.

They forget to show us something from school.

As parents we sometimes get so frustrated about getting everyone in the family tucked into bed at night. That we fill like just giving in all together. So I have been trying to figure out how to make going to bed more desirable than staying up.

New bedtime rituals:

1) Reading 30 minutes before bedtime. Plus, trading off reading to Londynn aloud.

2) Hide schoolwork under pillow to show us at bedtime.

3)The best part of my day/The worst part of my day.

4) Thankful Journal

The Thankful Journal will serve as two parts. First, I will have Kailee & Dimitri write: the best part of their day/the worst part of their day. My goal is to give them the opportunity to tell me what frustrates them, what makes them upset, what cheers them up, and what motivates them. Second, I will have them both write one thing they are grateful for each day. Then, at least once a month we will go over some of the previous Journal entries.

I hope this helps make bedtime more enjoyable in our HOME.

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Johnston Journal said...

I love bedtime with Ethan, it's such a wonderful bonding time with him. HOWEVER - I am NOT looking forward to the time when bedtime becomes a pain. But your Thankful journal is great! Cute idea!

lexie said...

I love all your new ideas that you have. I hoep that it helps. Did the kids like their first week of school? Sorry about the library. There was an email sent out-I will make sure you know about future play groups in the AM

daiseymae said...

another great idea from my friend Laurie. How do your kids like this new routine?