Back to School

YEAH!!! Sorry did I say that out loud. LOL

Here are some pictures of my cute kids ready to start school. This year Kailee will be in the 6th grade, which means she starts middle school. So she is the first one out the door, to make the 1st bus pick-up, at 7am. She was very excited about going back to school. Just a little unsure of what it would be like to be at another new school. She would not only be faced with 6 different classes/teachers, but lockers too. I think lockers are the biggest fear of most incoming 6th graders. I think she will love it! Boy how she has grown!!!

This year Dimitri will be in the 2nd grade. This makes him my second one out the door, to make the 2nd bus pick-up, at 8am. Like most boys, he didn't have a whole lot to say in this matter. He was just glad that school had finally started. He is such a smart kid that it will take him no time at all before it becomes the norm. And he has lots of friends to be pals with again.

Kailee~6th Grader

Dimitri~2nd Grader

It's the first day of school and Dimitri brought me home this today, already.

~~Kissing Hand Poem~~
A piece of me I give to you,
this special heart because
"I Love You".
The heart is you, the hand is me,
It shows that we are
A Family.

So with Back to School came these...

Personalized clipboards and checklist. I had a similar checklist for the kids in the summer to use. But I thought I would make things easier for myself if our school routine had a checklist. No more of mom nagging all the time to make their beds, brush their teeth, hurry-up you'll miss the bus. Now I can send them to their very own checklist if they forget. They both have an AM & PM checklist that I laminated for them to check off. I hope this will make things seem a little less tense in our home. Plus, I loved how the clipboards turned out.

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daiseymae said...

OKAY I love that cilpboard idea. I'm giong to have to try that at my house. Will you e-mail me the instructions on how you did that? thanks! you are awesome!

Blackeyedsue said...

Those clipboards turned out cute!

I can't believe Kailee is in middle school. We are getting old!