I just realized when I was looking at my posts that I some how neglected to post this to the blog. I was wanting to get some better shots of Londynn. But as you can see from this post, it did not happen. So here you go...

Yes, I know! I am not a big fan of the game console world. I would maybe consider a Wii. MAYBE! This is just not my thing!! But my family loves it!!!

Jeremy sold off his old consoles and games so he could purchase a new XBOX 360. This money would be the before mentioned yard sale at a friends house on the July 4th holiday weekend. So with that extra money came ROCK BAND. Which the kiddos could not be more pleased their daddy purchased. Let's just say, there was whole lot of screaming going on when this box came through the door.

It has been so funny to watch each of the children take the role of vocals, guitar or drums. I can tell you that it did not sound as I would hope. I only remember what it was like to play with adults at a recent party we went too. Some how with kids its not the same. They need to work on the pitch and technique a little. But I am sure with practice, they will be pros soon!

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy looks so casual. What a guy.

Blackeyedsue said...

You are good to take pictures. I would run to the basement and hide from the noise.

daiseymae said...

Jeremy looks so excited with his new toy! ha ha ha

I'm with you though. The only gaming system I wouuld like to have is a WII. But I really want a WII not just a maybe.

Your new one looks like fun though.

krystal jolley said...

Alright, I expect an upcoming blog about you guys starting a family band.