Today Londynn got a surprise package in the mail. Grandpa & Grandma Brewer sent Cheer Bear to save the day. As you might have read in the previous post, Londynn vs. emergency room she was a little under the weather. Thank you Grandpa & Grandma for being so thoughtful. Londynn is doing much better. She will still try to play the sympathy card when she wants some extra attention. Smart cookie! Just because of all the attention we gave her with her neck pain. That was a little scary!!!

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daiseymae said...

Sooo Cute! I'm glad she is feeling better now.
Hey I can see the words on your blog now.
It was so good to talk to you on the phone the other day. We really miss having you around.

Bilary said...

How sweet is that! I'm glad to see her smiling. Poor thing. She looked like she felt so horrible. What thoughtful grandparents! Give that sweet girl of yours a hug for us!

Blackeyedsue said...

That was really sweet and thoughtful. I am glad she is okay. How are YOU holding up?

Bilary said...

Okay, Laurie, I am stalking you again. I hope you are just busy, but I am worried about you again. You okay? Just thinking about you!!!:)