When the OX is in the Myer.

The day started out like any typical Sunday morning: get the kids up, get ready, go to church. But today Jeremy had a meeting after church, which meant that we needed to drive separate cars. Not that this should matter much, but for today it did.

So when church ended the kiddos and I headed for the car. I put the keys in to start the car so it would begin cooling, but there was NOTHING. So I tried again, and again, and again. OK, I guess I was hoping that all my other attempts I was just doing something wrong. I really didn't want to believe that my car was broken at this point, it was Sunday after all.

We piled out of the car and headed into the church for Jeremy. Jeremy's not much of a car guy, which means he doesn't get very excited when something goes wrong. At this point we had several friends who were willing to assist us, as needed.

The battery vs. the alternator, which will it be.

We were able to get some jumper cables and get the car started. We knew that the battery was toast and the car would not start again if it got turned off. To be sure that it was only the battery our friends advised us to go to the Auto Zone.

We headed for the nearest Auto Zone. Where they were able to hook the truck up to their machines. RESULTS: The battery would need to be replaced. We thought that with it being Sunday, 110 degrees outside, dressed in church clothes, and three kids in the car it would be best to buy the battery and replace it at home. But the battery had other plans for us.

So, there we sat in the parking lot of Auto Zone while the nice employee changed our battery for us. I'm not sure that it's in his job description! Or if he is even suppose to do that for people!! But this gentleman did it anyways!!!

Yes, with the battery purchase came some drinks too. We had to keep the kids quiet in the car while we waited. I know that keeping them in the car doesn't seem like the most logical answer. But my kids decided that they needed to take all their clothes off, to beat the heat. So I was not about to have naked kids running around the parking lot.

On the way home I explained that this was one of those times that the Ox was in the Myer. We would not normally buy things on Sunday. But in order for us to get home the car would need to be fixed.

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stine said...

Yuck! That doesn't sound fun at all! I'm so glad that you were somewhere where you could get help and not stranded, even though you had tired, hot, hungry kids on your hands!

Thanks for sitting next to me yesterday... I needed it!

Larsen Family said...

haha...don't you just love Sunday's like that?? It's always hard to explain why it can happen on certain Sunday's and not others. But...I would have done the same thing. Especially wehn you know your hubby has to be gone on Monday and won't have the time to help get it fixed then!

Bilary said...

Hey, our battery just killed out on us last week too! Dang cars! But ya gotta love Auto Zone. I LOVE THAT PLACE! The people there are always so helpful, and they have helped us replace car parts before. I always go there before I go to a mechanic if it is something that I think can just be replaced really quick. I'm glad you had a good experience there.

I'm sorry it was a rough afternoon. Is today going better?

daiseymae said...

That stinks! I'm sorry that it had to happen on Sunday too. thats the pits.

Blackeyedsue said...

What a PITB. Somedays you do what you have to do to get by. (((HUGS)))