Londynn vs. Emergency Room

The last 48 hours Londynn has had a high fever that just wouldn't quit. She would be fine with Tylenol for a couple of hours. But if we didn't keep the stuff in her system every 4 hours. She was just miserable!

She also has been very congested in the nose. Which results in the long hard nights not being able to breathe. She has large tonsils anyways, so it always makes any cold worse.

But then this morning she woke up just screaming that the right side of her neck hurt. It was so bad that she wouldn't even lift her arm. She couldn't even lift her body by herself if she was laying down.

So, I gave her some more Tylenol and watched her for an 1-2 hours more. But it didn't seem like it was getting any better. By this point I figured it was time for us to hit the Emergency Room. While we waited in our room Kailee thought she needed to get a few pictures to show Jeremy.

Jeremy has spent the last two mornings at a friends garage sale. He was trying to sell some old things that have just been sitting in our garage taking up space. I thought it was cute how concerned she was for her sister. So here are some pictures of Londynn while we were waiting to be seen. She was just exhausted at this point. And so was I for that matter!!!

She has an infection that caused a blockage in her right gland(lymph nodes) in her neck. Therefore causing all this pain in her neck and right side. I thought this might be the case. But she would not let me come close enough this morning to check for myself. But she had a very large knot on the side of her neck when I finally got the chance to feel around.

It has just been so sad to watch her today. She has to have help just to sit up. But we have started the antibiotics, which should kick in soon...I hope!

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stine said...

Awwww. Poor little lady. Hope you are back on your feet again soon Londynn! Let us know if you need anything.

Bilary said...

Poor baby and poor you! I hope that she gets better soon! And I hope that you get some rest soon! Prayers coming your way...

daiseymae said...

I wish I was there so I could help with the other kids! keep us informed.

Blackeyedsue said...

Oh! Crossing my fingers that the antibiotics kick in soon! Poor girl...Poor mom! HUGE HUGS!

krystal jolley said...

Oh, no! That is awful. I hope those antibiotics kick in soon. We miss you guys!