Friday the 13th

Yesterday Kailee for some odd reason was very aware that it was Friday the 13th. I of course paid no attention to the fact. But she was very worried that something bad was going to happen. I reassured her like any parent should that everything would be alright.

So when I had gathered them around the table for a Father's Day Craft project. She politely asked for me to call daddy to see if anything bad had happened to him yet. But I tried to dismiss it and told her he would call if something had happened.

Well during our craft project I needed her to grab a tub of construction paper from her closet. I guess while she was trying to get it down from the top of her closet she needed some help. She had called for Dimitri, with no success. So when she came back to the table she had to share her story.

She said that when she called for Dimitri that she needed him to help with the tub that was on top of the one she needed. So she decided that she would just pull the tubs down by herself. Which of course ended up falling on her, both of them.

Kailee said that this whole thing happened because it was Friday the 13th. She really believed that it would have not happened on another day. I told her that it was just a myth. At this point I could not contain my laughter.

Nothing else happened the remainder of the day.

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daiseymae said...

That is too funny! It just goes to show you, you can always find truth to the myth if you look hard enough.

Bilary said...

You really have a superstitious one on your hands. Make sure she stays away from mirrors at midnight and that she never starts reading her horoscopes.!:) Silly girl! That is hilarious!

Blackeyedsue said...

I didn't even realize that was yesterday. Is it bad that I don't remember if anything bad happened?

Kailee is so fun!