Londynn turned FOUR

I know I am late in getting this posted! Londynn turned four this last week. But between Kailee's birthday, which is only four days earlier. Plus, going to Texas the following weekend. I have just not had any time to sit and write any posts.

Please be patient through this very long sea of pictures. First, we had a small family party at home on the official day. Then, we had a birthday at the park with some friends a week later.
So here are some highlights of her special day.

Londynn just being CUTE! She was so quiet just playing in her room. She of course was playing with her toy of choice...DOLLS!

Londynn showing off her new baby sling. You can find them on Etsy. Your place to buy and sell all things handmade.

She was sitting and patiently waiting for me to grab my camera before she opened any presents. We did let her have one present before Jeremy went to work in the morning. The others sat on the fireplace until that night.

She was struggling to get the paper off. I guess she didn't want to tear the paper.

Some of the LOOT.

Londynn's dinner choice for the night. Well, first she said that she only wanted strawberries. But I told her that we could not only have strawberries for dinner. So we settled for her favorite popcorn chicken with a side of strawberries and cantaloupe. I of course was not OK with such a simple dinner. So I decided to make some extra special strawberry treats. See below...

Chocolate covered strawberries. YUM!

OK, I have been wanting to make this fun GIANT cupcake cake I found in a magazine months ago. This cupcake cake went so well with the girls party theme. So I set off to make this new cake. I did not want to go through all the steps on the recipe, so I made a few modifications. I knew that the cake would be a BUMB when I started the assembly process. And being the perfectionist that I am when it comes to baking. This cake was a disaster! So this is my sad attempt to make it look some what decent just for the kids to eat. A birthday celebration "with no cake" was just not an option. I guess I can be lucky that the cake tasted good.

Oh, Yeah! After the kids got their slice of cake the remaining cake went into the trash.


First, we started with these "Oh so Cute" invitations. Designed by a my dear friend Christine a graphic designer. Thank you, it turned out amazing!

Present Time...

The last few times we have been to this spray park. Londynn has showed no desire to even get in the water. This is the first time that Londynn has played in the water. I am glad that she got into the action with all her friends.


Jenn, Joby and Jerni~
Londynn and Joby taking a minute for some treats. Londynn of coarse stuffing her face with a cookie.

Jen and Bree~
Bree having so much fun in the water. I don't think I have ever seen her just play so free. She really loved being in the water.

Becca, Margie and Jakey~
Margie at the feet of mom with her two fingers in the mouth. Any time you see Margie you will see those fingers in the mouth.

Lexie, Emma and Aiden~
Emma and Margie the buddies.

Christine, Lincoln and Jackson~
Lincoln just having fun. I never managed to get a picture of Jackson.

Krystal, Gwen and Ry-Ry~
Krystal on the sidelines with baby Ry-Ry. I never managed to get a picture of Gwen.

Baby Ry-Ry being happy with the empty Gatorade bottle.

And last but not least the desserts. I made these mini cupcakes, which can be found from one of my favorite food blogs Bakerella. I love that she can make something as simple as a cupcake look so beautiful.

I also made these Peanut Butter Whopper cookies, which can be found from my #1 food blog Picky Palate.
I love, love, love this blog. Everything I have made has been a huge hit.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful gifts.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy is truly a lucky man, you are amazingly talented. Those desserts are unreal, makes me hungry. Will you cater my b-day party in Feb.?


daiseymae said...

WOW! I miss you guys so much! I'm sad that we missed out on all of Londynn's fun celebrations. Everything looked wonderful as usual. You are a wonderful mother. I'll call you as soon as my crazy schedual settles down. tell Londynn and Kailee Happy b-day for us.

lex said...

we had such a great time. Thanks for waiting til we got back to have the party!

Blackeyedsue said...

Wow. You went to a lot of work. Both the cupcake cake and the mini's are darling. I'm sorry you weren't happy with the cake. I loved that you are such a baker now.

Give Londynn a big squeeze from us and tell her congratulations!

leepb71 said...

I thought the cake was really neat,Looks like Londynn had a great time at ther special 4th birthday party, so cute, love her long hair too. WOW! how she is growing up so fast.
Love Phyllis