Festival of the Child

Today we took the kids to a city sponsored event. We paid $5 for a wrist band for each of the kids, which included everything in the park.

They had centers everywhere!

My DS in the Barber Shop with his green and white hair.

My cute DD's in the Flower Shop.

DS at Lowe's Wood Shop.
Somehow we didn't get any pictures of what they built.
I will have to post the finished products later.

Finished basketball hoop for DS and castle for DD.

DD's at the Puppet Theatre.

The kids learning how to Kayak. They had this event set-up in the city pool. I think the kids were a little worried they might tip their kayak. It looks like it is a warm sunny day. But it is in the 50's and windy. We were all very cold, if not in the direct sunlight.

Ironman Inflatable Toy

Mask Making Center

Mini Golf Center

Mad Science Lab
This was a really cool experiment for the kids. They used dry ice and water to create these fun bubbles. The kids had fun rubbing them all over their hands.

Sand Art Braclets
This little boy for some reason wanted to help my DD make her braclet. Maybe he thought that she was making him one. I'm not sure!

The mad dash to the car to get warm.

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krystal jolley said...

Wow! that looks so fun. i think i would have been tempted to do the kayaking myself!

lex said...

We totally wanted to go but Aiden's allergies where in full swing so inside we stayed. It looks like you had a ton of fun even with the wind!

Blackeyedsue said...

It looks like it was a fun day! What a fun way to spend time together as a family!

Bilary said...

How fun! I wish they would do something like that at our park. I love all of the ideas. You're right, it looks like beautiful weather. That is funny that it was so cold. They kids look happy though! For some reason, weather doesn't seem to bother them!

So, did Jeremy take the day off of studying or are finals over? If so, how did they go?

Laurie said...

Bilary- Jeremy did take some time "per my demands". He has 2 finals this week and next.