Hello All,

I can tell you that I knew this blog would be hard for me. I have a problem with starting to many things which leads to to many things not being completed. I told myself that if I could post just once a month on this blog...it would be progress. So I am sorry to those of you that would like to see more. For now you will just have to settle for a little. I really should be working on my vinyl/craft business. But I find myself getting stuck because of the time requirments. Who would have thought that creating something would take so long.

I promise to be better.

I will try and add some things to my blog...soon I hope.

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Blackeyedsue said...

LOL! I get what you mean about starting things and not being able to finish them. I just took a whole load of good intentions to the DI.

Sigh. We will just have to be patient. I say thatas I sit here drumming my fingers ;)