Halloween 2007

Here are my cute kiddos for Halloween this year. Kailee & Londynn as Minnie Mouse. Dimitri as Mr.Incredible. These costumes the kids got last year as Christmas presents from Uncle Randy. Uncle Randy works at Disneyland for House of Blues. So this means we get cute costumes for dress-up and Halloween for cheap. Gotta love that...right!

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GBrew said...

adorable pics of the kiddos, the girls look so cute! Dimitri is perfect as Mr. Incredible! hey don't forget not only do we want pics of the kids but of you and Jeremy too! And school updates of coarse! Cute blog!

Blackeyedsue said...

They are darling Laurie! I am so glad you joined the blogging world!

Lyn said...

I like what you were for halloween.The pictures were really cool.I want to see you really bad.When I look at the stuff you gave me before you left I cry.I was a cowgirl. Will you write to me please? I still wish you were here but I can't get what I want.I MISS YOU A LOT SEE YOU LATER.