Christmas 2007

So, the Saturday following Thanksgiving while Jeremy was off at school studying...AGAIN. OH Happy Day For Finals...if they could just get here NOW. I decided that I had waited long enough for the Christmas decorations to make there appearance. Here are some new additions to our Christmas decorations. I just loooove Christmas.

Favorite Children's Decoration
Fisher Price Nativity

So my kids will have no desire to touch mine.

My Favorite Decoration
Willow Tree Nativity

Oh, words can not express how much I love this Nativity. It was love at first sight. But I quickly realized that my love would die fast. For just as you may all know this Nativity comes with a pretty price. Thanks to a dear friend I was able to buy this set at her cost which of course meant it was within reason. So this is now my most cherished Christmas decoration to date. ENJOY!

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gina said...

I love the willow tree collections!!! And especially that nativity scene! Even the kids' nativity scene is a pretty penny - i wanted to get it for them but i think i saw it for 30! So no nativity scene this year! But i LOVE YOURS!