Placemats and flowers

This post is for you mom!

I have been following this blog that creates ALL things from Dollar Store items. They mentioned buying dinner place-mats and turning them into purses. These place-mat purses have been around for a very long time and you can find many examples of them online. But for some reason this time it clicked with me because I love to shop at the Dollar Stores. So the hunt began for me to find a sturdy place-mat with a pattern that I would like. And the beautiful flower I added to the bag is my new obsession. I purchased one of these flowers on etsy and knew I would be able to duplicate them myself. So I pulled out my fabric and went to work. I have made 10 or so for the girls hair, but they also look cute added as a purse accessory or even a broach. They are so cute and I love them!!!

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daiseymae said...

love the flowers!!! you'll have to teach me when you come visit. I can hardly wait.

Justin & Jennifer Olsen said...

So cute! What's the blog site for the Dollar Store crafts?

allbcuzwefellnluv said...

Love it! I feel so lost and out of touch since I haven't been on in a while!! I have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks for sharing this purse! it is SO cute!! You'll have to show me where you found the website! I'm currently making a shopping cart cover for Gabbi and the new one coming!