Happy 12th Birthday Kailee

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Birthday you seemed to have Kailee,
Having all your girl friends and have so much fun. Wish I could have been there.
Love Grandma Ririe

Grandpa and Grandma Lodge said...

It looks like you had a wonderful birthday. This is almost as good as being there. Laurie these are wonderful memories for Kailee to look back on in the future.

Love to all

daiseymae said...

Kirsti says
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAILEE!!! She wishes she could have been there. What a fun idae. I may do something similar for Bailee's # 12 birthday that is coming up this year. We even have the same game though the kids don't know it yet.

brandi said...

it looks like Kailee had soo much fun! That is a cool idea, HSM theme. She is growing up fast!

Anonymous said...

Wow 12! How time flies. Love ya! Cherie

allbcuzwefellnluv said...

WOW Kailee has grown to such a little lady! Can you believe it? Love the birthday theme and I am loving your fun decor! I bet those girls had a blast! Aw, so big!!