EASTER 4 the Kids

Here are the kids Easter baskets. It's so sad that my St. Patrick's Day decorations are still sitting in the chair behind them. I have been in no hurry to store them in the attic. I guess I have 2 holidays to put away now.Dimitri has learned how to tie his own tie for church now. So this is his proud picture moment. He looks so Handsome.

After dinner the kids and I sat around the table to build our Bunny Hutch.
Here is their finished result. The frosting needed to sit out and set-up some. It wanted to run down every time I applied it to the hutch.
The weather is yucky today. So here is one shot I got of the kids after church. This was one of the gifts (cuff links) that I gave Jeremy today that he wore to church. I thought these were very fitting for a soon-to-be lawyer. I really wanted the guilty/not guilty, but they were sold out.

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allbcuzwefellnluv said...

I love the cuff links! The kids are so big!! Love their Easter outfits!! And now that's an easter egg hunt!!!