Two by Two....

A couple months back I decided I would be brave and organize a bow day with all the girls. So, I gathered a head count and set out to buy ribbon for everyone. The best place to buy ribbon is The Ribbon Retreat. I decided that we would be working with solid colors. The colors were picked and the day had been scheduled. We were all able to go home with 12 sets of bows for around $7. After it was over I had no desire to look at another piece of ribbon again.

Then, for Christmas I gave my SIL's 3 little girls some of the same bows. Which they all loved very much!!! After Christmas my FIL asked if I would be so kind to make some more. You see, I had another SIL that was feeling a little left out.
So when my friend Lexie announced she would be organizing another bow day. I told her she would need to mark me down for 3 sets. We got together a couple of weeks ago, to make holiday bows this time. I am just glad that I didn't have to do all the counting and cutting this time. It really is crazy to try and figure out just how many yards you will need for everyone. She picked out 6 of the main holidays to plan ribbon around.
When I came home I got some crazy idea to go through my ribbon tub to see what other bows I could make. The next day I sat and tied 220 bows, good thing it was Sunday. Which made for a good day to sit and do nothing else. Plus, Jeremy sat and watched the Super Bowl on TV after church. I am really glad that I never decided to make bows for a business. The picture is just a few of the ones I have officially finished. Who knows when I will be completely done!!!
And yes, Lexie your bows are really good enough for me. {wink, wink} I just needed to figure out
my method for making them.

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brandi said...

Laurie, you are always so creative. I must learn from you! Maybe when the kids are a little older????!! I hope you guys are doing well. Phyllis has mentioned that Jeremy will be graduating in May or June? I'm sure you are all going to be glad when school is finally over, I know we were!

Johnston Journal said...

Those bows are so stinkin cute!!! I wish I had been there to make them!

Cook Creations said...

Wow...220?! I need to get a few bows for Jaycie. I havent ever been able to do them with the group. Very cute!!