Talk over Dinner

Tonight I decided that I would take the kids to dinner while Jeremy is away. Jeremy went to Boston for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society Conference at Harvard University.

Here is how our dinner conversation went.

Londynn: Is this a napkin? (as she holds the cloth napkin in her hands)

Mom: Yes.

Londynn: To wipe my face and hands.

Mom: Yes, honey. LOL

***The funny thing was, Dimitri asked the same question a few seconds later***

Then some people were being sat at a table next to us. The woman stood by her chair and asked for it to be wiped off before she would sit.

Londynn: Mom that girls mom is soooo FAT!!! (so everyone can hear)

Mom: HORIFIED LOOK, with a quick finger to her mouth. Londynn we DO NOT say things like that honey.

Londynn: Giggles, well she is.

You would think that I never take my kids out in public.

Don't ya just love kids honesty!!!

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brandi said...

Laurie the funny thing about that is I would be the one to say that, so then my kids would copy me at some random moment when everyone could hear!! How is Jeremy doing with school anyway? Hope all is well with you guys, Happy valentines!

lexie said...

That is so funny about londynn. What do you say to that when it is true!?
Your ribbons turned out good. I am glad that you figured out my bows.

Lunar daughter said...

I linked to your blog from Stephanie's and I thought I would say hi. It's been fun to read about your family and see how you guys are doing. Oh, and by the way, our favorite on American Idol this year is Danny, who we say looks like a cross between Robert Downy Jr. and Jeremy Brewer! Take care, Kristyn Hansen :)