The secrets in the sauce.

Tonight while I was making dinner I had an extra side kick. Londynn pulled up a chair to the stove and stood beside me. She always wants to be involved with the preparation of anything I cook or bake.
This is how it went...

L: What is that?

M: Turkey meat.

L: What's for dinner?

M: Spaghetti Bolognese. It's like spaghetti!

L: Let's make THIS! Referring to the spaghetti noodles.

M: In a minute.

L: Ooooh, why did you pour milk in there? GROSS! YUK!!

M: It's suppose to go in there.

L: That is going to taste yucky. I am not eating that for dinner.

M: It will taste fine, you will have to taste it first.

I wish I had time to take some pictures of this fun little dialogue. But there is just not enough hands, nor time to take pictures too. When it comes to ANY pasta dish I make, she will only eat the plain noodles. So it really doesn't matter what I put in the sauce.

If you would like the recipe for tonight's Entree, go here. You will find it comes from my favorite food blog Picky Palate. She makes dinner fabulous every night, plus takes amazing pictures.

Oh ya, it tasted wonderful too, even with the milk!!!

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daiseymae said...

That's so cute. I need to be better about letting my kids help me in the kitchen. I always feel over crowded if anyone is in the kitchen when I'm cooking. You're such a good mom to let her help even if she does want to adjust the recepie a little.

lexie said...

I have made that dish and thought it was very tasty!