Teacher Appreciation Week






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Blackeyedsue said...

That was thoughtful for you to do that for your kids teachers. I sent Amelia with the folder for her teacher before I snapped a picture of it. Drat.

Thanks for the compliments on the blog. I designed it and spent way too much time cracking the code.

Bilary said...

You really make me look like a piece of crap! I usually go all out for things like Teacher Appreciation Week, but this year I just did the bare minimum. That was all I had the energy for. I am just running out of steam.

But I love your ideas. I just might have to steal a couple of them next year. I'm sure your kids' teachers loved them!

You are awesome, and if I don't have any more contact with you before Mother's Day - have a very happy one! You deserve it! You are an awesome mom and I hope you get spoiled!!!:)