Precious Funny

Today when we got home from the YMCA. I wanted to get Precious all set-up with a movie so I could get out of my stinky workout clothes.

So we were in Buddy's room picking out a movie. She picked Dragon Tales. I put the movie in and pushed rewind.

I turned around to find Precious leaning over the bed licking all over one of her babies heads.

M: Precious what are you doing?

L: Laughing

M: Stop doing that please, it's yucky!

L: Why? That's what they do on Lion King.

M: LOL! Precious you are not an animal.
We don't need to do that to our babies.

I thought it was so funny, I had to share.

Kids are Funny!!!

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lex said...

I loved all the bows. I need to get with you and order ribbons so I can have as many bows as you do :) That is a hillarious story! Kids are so funny!