Class of 2015

KK 5th Grade Graduation.


Where has the time gone!
You have just finished one of the many mile stones
in your life. You are growing up so fast.
I can hardly believe that you will be starting
middle school next year.
You are becoming quite the young lady.

I love that you are so beautiful

I love that you are so smart.

I love that you always push yourself
in everything you do.

I love that you will set goals for yourself
and stick with it.

I love that you have your own personality.

I love that you can just be you.

I love that you like to be silly.

I love that you are always singing. You truly love music!

I love that you help with your brother and sister.
We know it's not easy being the oldest!

I love that you have learned the importance of setting values and standards for yourself. Please don't ever forget those things that can keep you true.

Be proud of who you are and what you will become.
Hugs & Kisses
We Love You!

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daiseymae said...

WOW! K you looked great. I cant believe you are going to be in middle school. What a beautiful young lady you are becoming. we sure miss you, especially K, she said to say good job whooo hoooo!! Hope to see you soon Laurie you must be so proud of her. thank you for sharing such an important day with us.

Bilary said...

Wow, she is growing up so fast! I gotta know...If she is going into middle school next year, does that mean lockers? I did middle school in 6th grade too, and the lockers scared me more than anything. Funny. Congrats cutie and good luck in middle school! Hope to see you all soon!:)

leepb71 said...

Dear Kailee,
WOW how you are growing up, graduating from 5th grade and and all. Your are just too young to be growing up so soon, But I know you will do good in the 6th grade.
You are smart and fun and really wonderful Gt. Gd. Daughter.
Congratulations , Love you
Grandma R.

Blackeyedsue said...

There is NO way she is old enough to be in middle school. How are you coping with that?