KK Birthday

Happy Birthday to You!

KK opening her present from Grandpa & Grandma Lodge before her party. I figured that she would want to use her new camera for the festivities. She still has more presents from the family that she will open on the official day.

Friday was the last day of school.
So she wanted to have her friend party.
Presents from friends.

Fun personalized craft for the girls.
They all loved this idea!
I provided the materials and let KK do the demonstration for the girls.
They all turned out great!!

We had a late night, movie night.
So all the girls came dressed in their pajamas.

These are the "Loot" bags that I made for each of the girls. I took some notebooks I found at Big Lots and added my personal scrapbook touch to each of them. Then made some coordinating pens to match each of the notebooks. I loved these so much when I finished, I had to make some extras for future gifts.

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Shannon said...

You are so talented. Very creative party, I bet each of the girls had fun.

krystal jolley said...

Wow, what a big week for KK. I hope she had fun, but it looked like she most likely did!

Bilary said...

Cute stuff! I will have to remember the balloon flower idea. Love that!

daiseymae said...

Wow looks like a fun party. K misses KK so much. I hope we'll all see eachother soon.

Blackeyedsue said...

I can't believe she is as old as she is. She is becoming such a lovely young woman. It makes me feel old.