TLC Field Trip

Today Londynn and I went on a field trip
with her preschool class to Kirkpatrick 4-H Farm.

They enjoyed making beanie baby necklaces,
seed picture frames, and pet/feed all the animals.

These are some of the pictures I was able to
get before my batteries decided to die on me.

Londynn waiting for the bus to leave from the school.

Unloading the bus with the teachers.

Then all the children sat around a table so
Mark(owner) could talk with them about the
different things they would see on the farm
today. Mark explained how they should talk
and act when around all the farm animals.

It was a little cold in the shade this morning.
Londynn's head must have been cold.

Then Mark decided to show all the kids this...

A giant cock roach, YUCK! And because I was standing by the table trying to take a picture. Mark thought that he would try and put that nasty thing on me.


Let's just say I moved away from him quickly.
That is one thing that I do not care to hold or touch.

Londynn was not afraid at all. She even touched the nasty thing. I am sure when she is old enough to understand. She will have the same reaction, I did! YUCK,YUCK,YUCK!!!

Londynn making her beanie baby necklace. This is where she will get to grow her very own bean. Which includes: 1-tiny zip-lock bag, 1-bean, 1-cotton ball, a few drops of water and a piece of yarn. Then you wear it close to your heart for a few days to keep it warm. And in just 3-4 days she with see growth. Cute idea!

Londynn making her seed picture frame.
She loved that she could decorate it with foam flowers.

1 of 2 new additions to the farm, a cute baby goat.

Londynn just being, cute Londynn!!!

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Bilary said...

How fun! I loved this post. She is such a cutie, and I loved the bean necklace idea. That is fun that you could go with her!

I love her hair too! She is starting to look so grown up!:(
It goes too fast. Give your kids all a hug for us!

krystal jolley said...

I wouldn't have touched that thing with a 10 foot pole!! That's gross. Londynn is adorable. Gwen misses her.