Random Things Meme!

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1. I hate public speaking. Even if I know everyone in the room.
2. I love a good deal. I always try to buy my kids clothes at the end of each season for the following year.
3. I love to sing loud in my car when I am mad. I wish I had a beautiful voice!
4. I would love to be able to take beautiful pictures. Maybe that's why I don't take pictures.
5. I have to sleep with my room pitch black and no noise. Most nights Jeremy's snoring keeps me up longer than necessary.
6. I am competitive! I don't like to lose!
7. I am addicted to downloading fonts and digital scrapbook kits.
8. I am obsessed with chocolate.
9. I hate a dirty house. I can't stand any clutter.
10. I am a freak about organizing. I like everything to have its place. Our clothes all get folded a certain way. I guess that's what happens when you work 10 years in retail.

You are it!!!!
~My Own Little Circus
~Heather Berndt
~Anyone else who reads my blog, can play along.

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