Easter 2008

I found these giant eggs at the dollar store and personalized them each with vinyl.

I wanted a picture of the kids with their new Easter clothes. So I was lucky to get this picture after church. I would have rather had it before church. But that just is not possible with church at 9:00. I am lucky if I can get out of the house on time. I wanted to take a different approach than the traditional Easter basket filled with candy. So the girls got cute new dresses and Dimitri got a tie. Then they had some simple things they needed in each of their baskets.

And THANK YOU Grandma's & Grandpa's for the goodies in the mail. I am sure that they will have fun spending it all very soon.

FUN with Sugar Cookies

Kailee was the only one that I got who was actually licking her fingers through the process. She also couldn't help herself watch TV from the corner of her eyes. She was cute and asked if her cookies could look like mine. So, she covered them with M&M's and then had to fill in all the gaps with sprinkles.

These are my lazy version of decorated cookies.

I made this cookie bouquet as I trial run. I wanted to see how hard it was to work with the sticks. I think they turned out cute.

Cute Londynn who thought she needed every single sprinkle on her cookie. I had to shake them off several times because she had a huge mountain in the middle. But she really did a wonderful job. She didn't even make a mess or lick her fingers.

Dimitri who was busy watching TV during the process of his 2 cookies. He tries so hard to make it just right, he is really funny like that. I think it it is amazing for a boy to have such a great attention for detail.

We had a lot of fun eating them too!

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lex said...

I loved all your Easter stuff! The eggs turned out so cute! I need a vinyl machine :) The easter egg hunt looked fun. We totally want to go with you next year!

Blackeyedsue said...

SO cute! Your kids are darling and those eggs are just so creative and fun! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! Happy Easter Brewers!

Anonymous said...
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Bilary said...

Holy crap, you're ambitious! Those cookies are darling! My kids would love it if I did that with them. you'll have to let me know what you used. I love the M&M ones, and your cookie bouquet is darling!

You are too creative. I wish I had half your talent. You are awesome! Tell your family hi for us! The kids still miss your kids!