Happy Birthday Dimitri

Today we celebrate Dimitri's 9th birthday. Dimitri is such a delightful young man. Dimitri loves sports, loves to help others, loves to read, loves video games, and is good at just about everything he tries.

As a family we went to pizza(his choice). Then he got to celebrate with some friends on Saturday. We all ate some more pizza(repeat theme with him).
Then headed out to the movies to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs".
Came home opened presents and ate some cupcakes. Present highlights....
It was a fun day shared by all.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

We LOVE you.

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Dave said...

Laurie, I didn't realize Dimitri and Hailey are so close in age.
I am glad he had a good b-day, tell Jeremy happy birthday from all of us over here!!