Today we went to the Open House of the OQUIRRH MOUNTAIN TEMPLE in Utah with the Arave family. Which is a wonderful opportunity for members and people who are not members of the church to see the inside of an LDS temple first-hand. It is also a great learning tool if you have children. The last Open House I attended was in 1993 for the SAN DIEGO TEMPLE. The Angel Moroni was struck by lightening 3 weeks prior that is why his arm and trumpet are black.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. It was 1993 when we went through the Open House in San Diego? Boy how time flies.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on the lightening strike. Hope you are all having a great vacation.

Love Dad

daiseymae said...

Wow you got some good shots of the temple. I'll have to remember my camera next time.

Larsen Family said...

how funny. the last open house i attended was the san diego in 1993.