Cub Scout Day Camp 2009

This week has been Cub Scout Day Camp for Dimitri. We would drop him off in the morning at 7:30am and then pick him up around 3:30pm. Today was the last day and Jeremy came along as a parent driver. So I ask him to take some pictures of him participating in all the activities. I wanted to be able to see him doing the things that he has talked about ALL week.

Dimitri taking a break on the fence. He makes it look so comfortable!

BB Guns ~ D is in the blue star wars hat.

Look at that, he got 3 shots in the 10 point center target and 1 in the 9.
What amazing SHOTS!!!


Dad being a good sport to go along and stay outside in the heat ALL day.

Dad & the leaders getting a chance at Archery.

Troop Flag

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GrandPa Lodge said...

This are pictures that you will need to save so you can bring them out when he gets older. Your Cub Scout camp looks like it was great fun for all the boys. Give Dimitri a big hug and tell him that these pictures are wonderful.
Love to All

allbcuzwefellnluv said...

WOW he is so big! And is looking a lot more like Jeremy! Looks like fun in the forest! ha