Teacher Appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week. So here are the signs I made each of Kailee's teachers, of course done in the school colors red & white. For some reason I forgot to get pictures of the cute gifts I made for Dimitri & Londynn's teachers. Appreciation 7 days a week, go here.

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brandi said...

Laurie, those are really cute! You are so talented...I am going to use you someday while I am in the PTO to make some cute gifts for the other volunteers! You are awesome!

daiseymae said...

Wow! Those look great. I feel bad... I didn't do a ddang thing for the teachers at the JR high. oops! I would have had to do 14 for them plus the other kids teachers, thet's 17 things... Uhh maybe another year.

Mike Lodge said...

I like all the gift that you made for the teachers. Your work is showing great progress and talent. I lik the pictures of the Sushi dinner and Londynn's lady bug may not be the only thing she brings home in the future. I don't know if your area gets Lightning Bugs but those a great fun to catch. If Londynn wants to catch Lightning bug you will have to get pictures.
Love to all!

lexie said...

Super cute.I am going to have to copy your ideas for Emma's teacher next year.