This week was Spring Break for the WHOLE family. Jeremy has taken advantage of the extra time to put in more hours this week. So here are some of the highlights of our week.

MONDAY ~ Slurpee & park

TUESDAY ~ HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Northpark Cinemas to see "Bedtime Stories"; all shows $.50 on Tuesday, can't beat $2 to take everyone to the movies. That evening I went with some of the girls to see Twilight for the 3rd time. I made these shamrock pins for my mothers and those sisters that I visit teach. Then I gave each of the kids a new shirt to wear for the day. WEDNESDAY ~ Arcadia Lake & Pops Our friends the Sautters asked if we wanted to join them for the afternoon at Acadia Lake for some fun in the sun. We let everyone play in the sand and water, then had dinner and smores. The water was cold but the kids had a lot of fun anyways. Then our family stopped at Pops for some drinks for the ride home.
THURSDAY ~ OK Aquarium in Tulsa, which is about a 2 hour drive from our house. But was worth it for a fun day with the family. We were able to touch the stingrays, star fish, shark eggs and baby sharks. Plus, stand in a clear tank to watch them feed the sharks. There is truly nothing like having sharks swim all around you. I have to say, that is about as close as I will ever get to a shark!
FRIDAY ~ Day for me to relax and stay home.

SATURDAY ~ Today Jeremy took the kids to the Science Museum so I could have some free time to prepare for Primary. We have a membership so it makes it nice to go anytime. The kids had fun seeing all the new stuff they added. Plus, they got to see a live show where they create explosions to teach about chemical and physical reactions.

Mom survived, which mans it was an overall good week.

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lexie said...

I am glad that you guys had a good time. We had a great time with you guys at the lake. How did primary go?

mmlodge said...

It was so nice to see the picutres that you shot. It sounds like this was a wonderful week with the family.
Love dad

daiseymae said...

I can't believe it is warm enough to wear swimsuits there! You are so lucky. Yesterday it snowed here. Uh no swimsuits yet. I hope we have good weather for our spring break so we can do some fun things while the kids are home. I'm glad you all had a good time. We sure miss you all.