Girly Hair Things

I decided over conference weekend that I would spend my time making some fun hair accessories for my DD's.

Sampling of what I have started.

I took ordinary flowers from my local craft store. I then removed the long stems and centers from each one. Next, attached a rhinestone pebble to replace the old center.
Finally, cut a piece of felt with two-slits in the center and glued to the back. This way I can interchange the clips.

See below...

These fun little butterflies and flowers are actually Iron-On Appliques. I thought they would make for some fun hair accessories. Plus, they were on clearance. They only needed a clip glued to the back. WHOALA!

I found these cute nylon butterflies at the craft store too. They came in butterflies or flowers and an array of colors. They were actually part of a garland strung with fishing line and beads. I cut them from the string and glued them
to some clips.

Boutique Bows are sooo expensive to buy. People are charging $8-up for one hair bow. I figured that it could not cost that much. So, I went to work! I took some ribbon I already had on hand and made these bows. I was able to make them for less. But I did find however that it would be cost effective to do this with other moms. You will save even more to buy ribbon in bulk.

Click here and here for sites that offer fantastic instructions.

I even went as far as to make some Loopy Surround-A-Bows and headbands. Plus, coordinating clothes to match.

Here is how I organize my addiction for cute hair accessories.

I wanted to be able to organize the endless supply of elastics. So I purchased a cheap package (less than a $1) of shower rings from WalMart. I was able to separate all the basic colors onto 12 rings.

See below...

If you are looking for some fun hair styles for your sweet little girls. Then go check out my friends blog at Hair Today. You will even find that my darling Londynn has been featured a couple times. Happy Hair, means Happy Moms!

Stay tuned for more...

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Blackeyedsue said...

You did a great job.

It is funny you posted that about the butterflies. I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and just bought a whole strand of them to do this very thing with. Great minds, eh?

Bilary said...

Hey Laurie,

I liked the clips. I also like the organization idea for the hair stuff. Blackeyedsue tried to get me to do it like three years ago because she loves it and I am just too lazy to be that organized. But you go!:)

Jenny said...

Found your blog via Tip Junkie. Love your clip ideas -- what kind of glue do you use? I tried doing this w/ felt flowers and the glue soaked through and had a hard time keeping the clip attached to the flower. Thanks for your help...Jenny

Laurie said...

Jenny- I use a glue I found at WalMart called Quick Grip. I have found that it doesn't dry super fast. But it works really well once it has had a chance to dry. I also love my handy glue gun. I have found that if you glue felt or something to the back it helps.
I hope this helps!

Kristin said...

Hey, I found you through tip junkie; excellent tip! I have 2 little girls with an ever-growing hair accessory collection, and I plan on implementing your shower ring idea!