100 Things MeMe

1. I love chocolate, truffles are my favorite.
2. I cry easily.
3. I hate to read, I 'll take a good book on tape.
4. I'm not very affectionate.
5. I hate my feet, unless they have been pampered with a good pedicure.
6. I've never worn braces.
7. I am stubborn.
8. I like movies.
9. I love summer, I hate the snow.
10. I love to ride wave runners, I love the speed between my legs. LOL!
11. I love my husband.
12. I love my three kids.
13. I love to bake.
14. I love to find new recipes.
15. I need to have friends.
16. I don't like pets.
17. I keep my house clean.
18. I am organized.
19. I love deserts.
20. I am horrible at remembering things.
21. I've never broken a bone or had stitches.
22. I take pride in bargain shopping.
23. I'm a very light sleeper.
24. I love theater productions.
25. I love being pregnant.
26. I hate most vegetables.
27. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.
28. I am a picker.
29. I have a hard time eating right as a SAHM.
30. I don't mind working out, if I could just stay motivated.
31. I can only sleep if there is no light or noise.
32. I love my religion.
33. I don't like journals.
34. I am not very good with words.
35. Snoring is one of my peeves.
36. I'm afraid to be alone at night.
37. I hate rap.
38. I hate when people talk about me.
39. I love board games.
40. I am competitive.
41. I love to be crafty.
42. I like scary movies.
43. I don't like polish on my finger nails.
44. Spiders freak me out.
45. I love to be on my computer.
46. I wish I could say- "I am really good at something".
47. I would love to have laser hair removal.
48. I love to have facials.
49. I always like to try new craft ideas.
50. I like my kids to always look CUTE, not always successful in this department. They get more dependant the older they get.
51. I like to buy new clothes for my family, not me.
52. I love shoes, just can't justify the $$$.
53. I love music.
54. I hate sports.
55. I don't like my body.
56. I don't find myself interesting.
57. I do not like seafood.
58. I look forward to the peace and quiet of a warm shower, but that doesn't happen much.
59. I tend to yell a lot, I get that from my mother.
60. I have a hard time expressing myself.
61. I love reality shows.
62. I would love to have a bigger vocabulary.
63. I don't pretend to know grammar.
64. I enjoy lurking on others blogs.
65. I don't think I have anything good to say.
66. I hate cigarette smoke.
67. I don't drink coffee.
68. I don't drink tea, but did before I was baptized...I liked it!
69. I wish I was closer to my siblings.
70. I hate make-up.
71. I like my stuff to be folded a certain way.
72. I don't like jewelry.
73. I never cut my hair as much as I should.
74. I worry about others.
75. I obsess about what others think of me.
76. I love to get away...Ohhh Vacation, I could use one!
77. I don't like to be wrong.
78. I have a hard time saying sorry.
79. I have moved 14 times in the last 11 years.
80. I buy to many hair accessories for my girls.
81. I am critical of myself.
82. I am definitely not a pack rat.
83. I enjoy seeing the changes of all four seasons.
84. I hate cold feet.
85. I love surprises. Especially when a lot of thought went into it.
86. I have good friends. And miss them too.
87. I hate to speak in front of a group.
88. I am afraid of falling.
89. I love bread.
90. I need to socialize more. It helps me function better.
91. I love ice cream.
92. I hated school.
93. I need to be more Christ-like.
94. I need to except the things I can not change.
95. I need to draw closer to God.
96. I want to learn more about everything.
97. All I ever wanted to be was a mom, I never thought it would be this hard.
98. I am a work in progress.
99. I feel very blessed.
100. This is more than I thought I would ever share. But this is me!

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Blackeyedsue said...

I just learned a ton about you. I am so glad you did this meme!

And for the record, I think you are interesting. And I value your opinion and what you have to say. I would love to see you comment more. You have SO much to offer. Don't sell yourself short hon!

And we miss you too! I know you don't like people talking about you, but tonight at Enrichment, we were talking about how much we missed you. I hope your ears were burning!

You are seriously an amazing person Laurie! Don't forget that!

Bilary said...

Laurie, Again you sell yourself short. You really need to give yourself some more credit.

And don't take this the wrong way, but are you okay? You don't sound like yourself. If you ever need anything, you can call me!

But the one on your Meme that really got me was that you said you wish you could say that you are really good at something. Look at your whole entire blog! It is filled with darling things you have made and the most delicious looking recipes! You are a fantastic listener, you are funny to be around, you are the best organizer I have ever met....Laurie, I can put together a whole, big, long list of things you are really good at. I think I really should. Send me an email so that I have your email address and I would love to write a list of qualities I love about you and admire and things you are fantastic at! My email address is:
bilary5 at msn dot com. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!