Londynn made the Local Paper.

Pictures of Londynn at The Learning Connection(TLC) preschool.

CAPTION: Christmas Snack
Londynn Brewer digs into her tasty and nutritious Christmas snack on Wednesday in The Learning Connection(TLC) preschool program at the Yukon Community Center.
Londynn on December 22, 2007 published in the Yukon Review.

CAPTION: Hula Hooping
Getting ready to twirl her hula hoop is TLC pre-K student Londynn Brewer.
Londynn on January 2, 2008 published in the Yukon Review.

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Blackeyedsue said...

How fun! Her 15 minutes of fame!

In the first picture she looks like Dimitri, and in the second, just like Kailee! What a good mix!

Bilary said...

Darling pictures! You've only been in Oklahoma for a few months and you are already famous! She is darling! Are you all doing well? We miss you and think of you! The girls miss Dimitri being goofy and making them laugh!